Hello! Im Deanna, and I am so thrilled you have found your way to me! 


. I started practicing at 17 but I really fell for yoga at that edge where life starts to happen and we have to choose what kind of life we want to create for ourselves. I fell hard and it swept me up and gave me a new set of eyes towards myself and the world around me and it just spilled over into every corner of my life. 


  my teaching method has been cultivated over nearly a decade as a practitioner and a lifetime of dance and body training. my journey has lead me to both find and be in the presence of some of todays most influential teachers. my strong foundation in power yoga came with the completion of my first 200hr yTT under kinndli McCollum and Pauline caballero- Master certified Baptiste power yoga teachers. As well as Baron's Level 1&2 teacher trainings in New York and Mexico. Soon after I completed on my second 200hr yTT under Kelly Green and Paige Held in their hot fusion flow vinyasa training in South Florida.  My classes have evolved to be strong, stretchy, dialed in, and creative flow that satisfies every part of body and your mind.  


You don’t have to be doing yoga to do yoga, the frame of mind that it places you in gives you the opportunity to truly see yourself,  in a very real and tangible way.  Mindful practice gives you access to all the parts of yourself that make you tick, habits and tendencies.  We are so powerful, and the way we choose to speak to ourselves creates our reality. I think life sets opportunity in front of us but its up to us to meet it half way, to take a risk or a leap of faith towards happiness and what we truly want. Yoga has made me sensitive to those subtle signs, to stay clear and open for life and to let it take me where it needs to when I’m meant to. and so far, I’ve always ended up exactly where I needed to be!