Those who practice with Deanna are first struck by the inspiring example she sets. She moves with a sense of ease that is contagious and fun. Once you get beyond what you see in Deanna, what you feel is even more powerful. Surrender to the experience Deanna creates with her students, and you’ll access new confidence and awareness. Deanna is a truly generous facilitator, one who believes in others and guides us to growth.
— Tamara Patton

I have been practicing yoga for about a year regularly and then I had the pleasure of doing a yoga class with Deanna. Deanna is the reason that I am truly hooked on yoga now. After doing the class, I joined the yoga studio immediately and have never looked back. Deanna has inspired me with her teaching and challenging techniques combined with a positive, calm and encouraging attitude. Her teaching reaches to everyone and she is able to connect with each person in the class at whatever level of practice. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from Deanna and know her as a kind gentle soul. Also, the addition of music and inspiring words of wisdom were all greatly appreciated during class.
— Valerie M

The moment I met Deanna I knew that I had found a goodie, her eyes simply twinkle and sparkle and her smile and warmness is infectious. Deanne creates an environment of realness, an environment where you can step onto your mat and expand into your body and breathe. The laughter and lightness she brings shakes out stories of limitation like shaking out your old dusty rugs. There is permission to come exactly as you are and celebrate that place. She parallels the yoga experience on the mat with the human journey in the world. She makes space for a place where everyone is not only welcome but encouraged to come with all of who they are. She is the space of unconditional love, joy and growth. Her students always leave feeling more uplifted and inspired then when they arrived. Thank you D! xxxxxxx
— Kristin Petroluzzi, L'Esplanade & Le Petite Hotel

Ah, to dance with Deanna through her Vinyasa is one of life’s most beautiful pleasures. Every class is a sassy journey through yourself to yourself. And in the end you are left lighter, happier, and closer to the truth. She is a rising star, and to be around her is to experience her light and love.
— Megan Duma, Founder of SXM Yoga

I was in St. Martin for work and had time and energy so visited the new yoga studio called Joga. Checked the schedule and luckily showed up the next day for a fantastic class. Funny, high energy and super fun. I left feeling excited to come again. Deanna helped me learn all the postures and movements while also providing an atmosphere in class that really made me want to learn more and more. By the end of the month I was attending class every day and really starting to see and feel great results. I can truly say that as a new yogi, it was really amazing to experience yoga with a true spokesperson of the practice, patience, professionalism and experience shared by her now has me practicing on my own everyday and finding classes in all of the countries I travel to.
— Royce Reid, Red Bull